Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2020

Did you know that Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 21st-27th, 2020?

Lightning is a naturally occurring weather event that is caused by electrical discharge and high voltage between a cloud and the ground or within a cloud. Lightning according to National Geographic, kills up to 2,000 people each year, and those that survive a strike are left with life-long debilitation. In North America lightning is most prevalent in the months of June, July, and August.
With the summer months approaching it is important to be mindful of the risks that lightning can pose to our lives, and what we can do to keep ourselves safe.
Here are some helpful tips:
1. Stay Aware – if you notice the weather getting severe look for a place indoors to shelter. Plan ahead when going on an outdoor adventure by checking the weather forecast for the day, and reschedule if stormy weather is expected.

2. Avoid being out in the open or congregating in crowds. When in an open space lightning will strike the tallest object in the area (which could be you), and if in a crowd try to disperse as this this will reduce the number of injuries in the event of a strike

3. Avoid touching concrete walls or floors. Lightning can travel through metal bars and wires in walls and flooring.

4. Stay away from water both indoors and outdoors. Lightning regularly strikes water outdoors; it is a conductor of electricity and lightning strikes spread along the surface of bodies of water. Indoors, plumbing can be a conductor of electricity and could travel into the water.

5. Using electronics that are plugged into the walls can be dangerous. Be sure to unplug all electronics when severe storms are occurring. Having electronics plugged in during a storm can cause severe damage to your devices, and if you decide to use your device during a storm, you’re putting yourself at risk for electric shock.

Stay Safe,
J.B. Shepherd & Company, Inc.