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What We Do

We testify as experts, provide expert opinions, and provide strategic advice in support of litigation involving accidents, failures, and losses of electrical, electronic, and computer equipment and systems. During the course of our investigations we provide cause and origin reports and reconstruct electrical accidents and losses in an effort to communicate these complex issues in a clear and reasonable manner.

We Provide Services to a Wide Variety of Industries

We provide investigation and consultation to insurance professionals, private industry, and government agencies. We provide these services plus expert witness services to attorneys and litigators. These services are provided to Plaintiff and Defense alike.

Insurance Professionals

Claims for losses involving electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment often present adjusters with difficult technical questions beyond the coverage issues involved. We travel to the loss site, interview the Insured, determine cause and origin of the loss, evaluate restoration and replacement alternatives and present a professional, illustrated report to the adjuster. We follow up with advice and counsel through the settlement process.

Private Industry

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