We’re Forensic Engineers & Expert Witnesses

J. B. Shepherd & Company, Inc. (JBSCO) is a Forensic Engineering firm founded in 2012 by J. B. (Brad) Shepherd, P.E. and Curtis E. Falany, P.E. JBSCO offers full coverage forensic consulting for your mechanical and electrical engineering needs.

Our firm provides expert opinions and strategic advice to Attorneys, Insurance Adjusters, and Corporations in support of litigation involving technical issues.

Our primary focus includes mechanical and electrical accident investigation including fires and explosions, safety failures, injuries, electrocutions, property damage, and utility safety and operations.

Our Principals and Associates are Professional Engineers or highly experienced mechanical and electrical construction or safety specialists, all of whom are qualified to offer expert opinions.

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Areas of Service

Industry and Electric Utilities Related Operations

We assist with identification of design and operational risk management, claims administration, OSHA, and litigation.

Mechanical and Electric Construction

We assist with risk management, claims administration, workers compensation, OSHA claims, contract disputes, permitting and code compliance, and surety (bond claims.)


We assist with litigation by providing investigation, consultation, and expert testimony.

Utility Real Estate Assistance

We assist with right of way disputes, electric infrastructure costs, and overhead vs underground construction costs.


We assist with process improvement, risk management, claims administration, product liability and litigation defense.

Sample Case Summaries

An electrical utility received a trouble report that involved a smoking electric meter.  While troubleshooting, the utility company worker opened the metering compartment in the service entrance switch gear and was subjected to an electrical arc blast.  The questions raised included applicable codes and standards of care.

A grove worker was electrocuted when his metal ladder contacted the hot conductor of an overhead electric power line.  The ladder the worker was using was made of conductive metal.  The length of the ladder was greater than the clearance to the overhead power lines.  The questions raised involved standards of care, OSHA, National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E), and others.

A fire destroyed a moth balled plant previously used to manufacture automobile batteries.  The fire was believed to be of electrical origin and destroyed not only the building but also the manufacturing equipment stored in the building and waiting shipment to other facilities.  Tasks included supporting a Fire Origin and Cause investigation but also determining the value of the damaged and destroyed manufacturing equipment.

A fire occurred which destroyed thousands of acres of woodlands, fields, farms, and homes with multiple fatalities.  Tasks included support of the Fire Origin and Cause investigation including analysis of the electrical system as well as determining alternate means and methods of constructing the overhead utility line where the fire originated.  Applicable codes included the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC). We have investigated and reported on the largest wildland fires in US history including those occurring in five states.

A railroad worker was riding on top of a rail car in a terminal area.  While passing under an overhead power line, the worker made contact and was injured.  The questions raised involved standards of care, National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), railroad occupational safety and health standards and others.

A child was killed when he touched the underwater light in the family swimming pool.  Investigation included recent upgrades to the electrical service entrance, upgrades to the pool equipment, installation of a whole house generator, repairs to lighting on the boat dock (over salt water) adjacent to the pool deck.  Extensive measurements were made of the ground resistance and electrical gradient in the pool water.  The pool lighting system was reconstructed in a temporary water tank to further test the equipment involved.

How We Can Assist You

We are forensic consulting engineers.

  • We have established, demonstrable experience in the electric utility industry, industrial facilities operations, and the mechanical and electric construction industry.
  • Our practice is dedicated to helping clients understand how engineered systems and products work and what happens when they fail to work properly or safely.
  • We can investigate and determine what went wrong and why.
  • We can determine and explain applicable codes and standards, including standards for working safely around equipment.

While we evaluate the adequacy of design, we are not a design firm. Our practice is completely committed to forensic engineering. If you think we can assist you, drop us an email or give us a call. We are here to help.