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J. B. Shepherd & Company, Inc. (JBSCO) is a Forensic Engineering firm founded in 2012 by J. B. (Brad) Shepherd, P.E. and Curtis E. Falany, P.E. JBSCO offers full coverage forensic consulting for electrical engineering and related mechanical engineering. Our firm provides expert opinions and strategic advice to Attorneys, Insurance Adjusters, and Corporations in support of litigation involving technical issues. Our primary focus includes electrical accident investigation including fires and explosions, electrical safety, electrical injuries, electrocutions, property damage, power lines, and electric utility safety and operations.

Our Principals and Associates are Professional Engineers or highly experienced electrical construction or safety specialists, all of whom are qualified to offer expert opinions.

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who we are

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Areas of Service

Electric Utilities

We assist with risk management, claims administration, OSHA, and litigation.

Electric Construction

We assist with risk management, claims administration, workers compensation, OSHA claims, contract disputes, permitting and code compliance, and surety (bond claims.)


We assisit with litigation by providing investigation, consultation, and expert testimony.

Real Estate

We assist with right of way disputes, electric infrastructure costs, and overhead vs underground construction costs.


We assist with risk management, claims administration, product liability and litigation defense.

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How We Can Assist You

We are forensic consulting engineers. We have established, demonstrable experience in both the electric utility industry and the electric construction industry. Our practice is dedicated to helping clients understand how electricity works and what happens when it fails to work properly or safely. We can reconstruct accidents. We can explain electrical codes and standards, including standards for working safely around electricity.

We are not a design firm. Our practice is completely committed to forensic engineering. If you think we can assist you, drop us an email or give us a call. We are here to help.